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Sunshine Coast is a lovely and beautiful city located in the state of Queensland in Australia. Sunshine Coast is the peri-urban city with a large number of beautiful beaches, Tourist also flok to Sunshine coast to see the underwater marine park, zoo, take part in the marathon, Aussie world park etc.

The Sunshine Coast Airport Receives almost 900,000 passengers at the  Sunshine Coast Airport. With over 10,000 Aircrafts Movements Sunshine Coast Airport is the 15th Largest Airport in Australia. Sunshine Coast Airport is operated by North Queensland Airports Group.

Sunshine coast has only one Terminal. The unique thing in Sunshine coast Terminal is that during the seasonal flights to New Zealand the Terminal gets Split into two for National Flights and International Flights.


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Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Helpline number

You can send e-mail at  or telephone Parking office on 1300 993 543 between 8.30 am to 5.00 pm only on weekdays